Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Files and Chinese Homework

Hi all,

English Files

Please try to submit your English file by tomorrow so that I can check for you what you need to file in. Here is a document for the English File I have made. I have checked for register number 1 - 12 for what you are missing. If you cannot seem to find the email that I have sent to you for the document, use this link -

Make sure that you are signed into your SST email account. For some of you, there may be circles on your content page to tell you what you have missed out. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAMES ON THE ENGLISH FILE AND CONTENT PAGE (for the content page, please add on your register number).
Please disregard the note that I wrote yesterday that you should try to submit by Friday. Please submit it by tomorrow

If there are any queries about this, message me or comment below


  • 习字
  • 活动本 by Friday
  • Copy the stuff on google classroom (for now she has not put up anything)
  • Watch the video by yang lao shi on Classroom
Notes (for Chinese):

Meng Yuen, Clyde and Gary, please bring back your Chinese file on the first day of the week when school reopens.

If there are any mistakes, comment below

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  1. I think we are supposed to watch the video she posted on the Chinese google classroom.


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