Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Homework 22/3/16


  • Animal Farm (if you have not completed, please hand it in by tomorrow)
  • Parents to sign English Level Test
Note: Those who have not handed in the comprehension are:
 - Meng Yuen (excused)
 - Kai
 - Gary
 - Orion
 - Mike
 - Evan


  • Finish watching the video on Edpuzzle and complete corrections for 4.4
  • Study Notes page 21 and 22
  • Practice Papers
  • Research (refer to the last page of the notes)
  • File all term 1 Science stuff as they will be collected on Thursday.
  • Transfer your 实用文 to the paper 杨老师 gave us
  • Parents to sign Level Test Paper and Mother Tongue Fortnight form (The tea appreciation one)
  • Chinese AA Student Draft to be printed and handed up tomorrow. Also, make a folder for all your Chinese AA stuff and share them with 杨老师 (A message to all group leaders for Chinese AA)
Those in Hindi Class do yours accordingly.

  • Production Manager for each to post up the pictures of their post-its.
  • Mr. Hiap will post a post in Google Classroom regarding our individual homework.
  • Performance Task 
  • 3M Innoscience Project
If I have missed out anything, comment or WhatsApp me.


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