Thursday, March 31, 2016

Homework 31/3/16

  • Assignment 4.6 if not yet done
  • Study Notes 4.5.2 (page 25 and 26, there might be an error in the number so you just follow the pages I have stated)
  • Ace- learning quiz (You should have received an email)
  • Chinese AA edits (according to feedback which had been given)
  • Copy the textbook thing (page 53). It is posted on Google Classroom already.
  • Video on Chinese classroom
  • 3M Project
  • Performance task
  • The question on classroom if not submitted
  • Read the reading programme on "The Circuit" by next Monday. 
Now regarding the reading programmes, I apologise for the mess just now. I will place it neatly on your desks next time.
You should have:
  • The Circuit by Francisco JimĂ©nez
  • The All-American Slurp by Lensey Namioka
  • Shoes for Hector by Nicholasa Mohr
  • The Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor
  • The Bracelet 
  • The reading resource programme schedule (showing what you will be reading)
Note: The Bracelet is not in the reading resource programme schedule, but it is supposed to be in the week 10 part. Please add it in, thank you :)

If you are missing anything, please approach me tomorrow to take it or you can WhatsApp me today so that I know that you do not have it (please private message me).
If there are errors in the homework, please WhatsApp me.

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