Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Homework for 8/3/16


  • Comprehension Practice 2 by Thursday 
  • Pass up your English file if you haven't (I will share a document with you all for the English file of who has passed up and who has not)
  • Animal Farm Booklet by Friday
  • Do math notes 4.4.2 (page 15 and 16)
  • Assignment 4.4 (10 March due)
  • Math SDL


  • Finish reading the articles (Scientific American) and answer the question in the Google classroom through the comments.
Mother Tongue

  • 习字 by Thursday
  • When 杨老师 posts up the spreadsheet for Chinese AA, appointed group leaders, please add your group members names. Please note that there can only be one group of four people. I suggest that once you see a group of four (first come first serve), you should note that your group should only have 3.
  • Look through the worksheet of the Chinese translation of English terms.

  • School Song Video if not done
  • Do the History Performance Task
  • ALL GROUPS are to finish their I&E projects by Thursday.

If I have missed out anything, please comment below or message me and I will update it as soon as I see it

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