Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Homework 5/7/16


  • Comprehension
  • Two book recommendations
  • 5 Independent Learning Logs (it as supposed to be on the LA blog but now the LA blog is down, but just do in case)
  • Term 2 reading programme: The Bracelet and The Gold Cadillac
  • Term 3 Week 1 reading programme due next week
  • Classwork 1 and 2
  • Go through the corrections for the examples done (answers in Google Classroom)
  • Assignment 9.2 due on Thurs
  • More assignments and their due dates on Google Classroom
  • Science Worksheet 2
  • Science worksheet 1 for those who have not handed it in
  • 实用文 for those who have not handed in
  • Icon Designs on paper and digitalize
  • IRS project (survey)

If I missed out anything or got anything wrong, please comment it out or contact me through WhatsApp

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